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Management check tickets before 9am and after 5pm, they do not check during office hours, 5am starts are not unusual. Its fairly common practice elsewhere, I've even seen managers being ticket checked by other managers in the evening.

Extra RPU staff are coming soon, its a case of getting as many bodies on the ground at peak hours to maximise detection.

We have long sought a firm fare evasion policy and staff on the ground to ensure you have to come face to face with someone on your journey. It has to reach the point where its clear the risk is not worth it.

It seems to be paying off with significant numbers of passengers being picked up with no tickets. A worrying trend is having a low value ticket (child/student) which will work the turnstiles to attempt to bypass that element of the fare evasion strategy.

This is very much a win win scenario, reductions in fare evasion deliver improvements to the bottom line, remove from the railway persons who evade who also would be an anti-social element and improves customer perceptions as there is a good chance of getting caught and also increased staff presence on the ground

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