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Default Greater Dublin Area Draft Transport Strategy 2016 2035

National Draft Strategy for Greater Dublin-

Chapter 4.2.2-
"In terms of metropolitan rail services, increased use of the existing asset of the Maynooth Line would have many advantages, particularly in the context of development at locations such as Hansfield and Pelletstown. As such, it is proposed to extend DART to Maynooth by electrifying this line and by removing the level crossings. In addition it is also proposed to extend Luas Cross City further northwards, to serve the Finglas area and a strategic Park and Ride site at the N2/M50 junction."

Chapter 5.2.5 Additional Rail Stations-
"Over the period of the Strategy, a number of additional stations will be added to the network in developing areas which have a sufficient level of demand to support the provision of a train station. Exact locations will be determined at the relevant time, but likely locations include Pelletstown on the Maynooth Line and Woodbrook on the South-Eastern Line."

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