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Originally Posted by Ireland trains View Post
Don't Galway have 7 car ICR trains also and so does cork (21:00 from Heuston)
It would be kind of interesting to see some more 8 car ICR trains but in 5+3 formation.
Possible for galway in the future maybe
If irish rail use the spare mkiv set on the one service to Tralee then they can create on new service or create additional capacity.
If Irish rail just used 6 mkiv trains to cork then the other one could operate one service to limerick freeing up another icr
Yes 2100 Cork is a multi-unit ICR, and splits to form the 0550 & 0615 Cork to Heuston. It may well be a 7 car formation although traffic on any of these services would rarely stretch a 3 car formation.

While Mk4s are passed for the Tralee line, the full sized formation only fits the platforms at Tralee and Killarney.
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