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Obviously everyone on your train was entitled to a refund of sorts. A one hour delay is rather substantial.

This highlights yet again the poor exposition of the customer charter and the performance of IE management in terms of performing basic tasks that they themselves have set out.

We recently had Barry Kenny on the radio talking about the new EU legislation. He went on about the charter and IEs position on lates trains. He spoke as if they had invented the process and how it is (apparently) better that the EU proposal. He also mentioned that staff had once stood on platforms handing out forms in relation to "refunds". That happened in Heuston and we are in no doubt that it was as a result of pressure applied from here. Why? Because we had members on the affected trains.

In general the customer charter is a disgrace. Why? Because despite its early promotion it is now hidden like so much else in that place. I would assume that StephenM was not told about the ticket refund policy.
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