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this thread is getting out of hand.

firstly, forget about two tracking the rosslare line, the money isnt there and the costs are vast for very little return.

secondly, mark3's are being deliberatly run down and you'd only get them for a short while before you get the 22'ks. as mark says they wont fit and there are other reasons why it wont work.

thirdly, clockface DART may happen, it may not, but the aim of the company is to have clockface on all intercity services. this can only help customers.

the rosslare line is very lucky to still be in exsitance, not that we advocate its being abolished. however, it would be hypocritical to object to a wate of money in the west and advocate almost as equal waste in the east with double tracking and the like. the 22k will accellerate from a standing start very quickly and will deal with the hills a lot better then a 201 or a 071. 22k's arent the be all and end all anyway, as i've said many times and 99% of my journeys are on them these days.

you just have to be patient.

by the way, usual infractructure rules still apply..........
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