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Madness alright. I was a victim of it for many years as I sat in the smelly waiting room in Kildare (when it did stop there) waiting on a connection to Sallins/Naas.

The problem, I see with this issue, is that it would be difficult to drum up significant support to force IE to change it as they know usership of this journey is low enough for them not to care.

Its probably symptomatic of the lack of regional rail services to provide enhanced connections. That requires money, but it also requires vision from IE and that is sadly lacking. They appear content with the cosy set up they are planning. Last March in Kildare this issue of access to inter city services and connections was highlighted. But it was dismissed amid hyperbole.

If you drive to Tullamore, you might as well drive to Galway and while you're clogging up the roads, blame IE.

Sorry I can't offer more hope.
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