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Originally Posted by doherty jack View Post
the nenagh line will never completly close - ye can all quote me on that.passengers services will be decreased but never gone all together - Iarnrod Eirrean have interest in the line for freight.
You've been right on a few things dj but if they have an interest they should bloody well get on with it before the whole damn network gets it up the Troika.

Inniskeen re sunk costs - I agree, it's a horrible dilemma and like I said nobody's head will roll because it will all be an "operational matter for IE" and in the unlikely event of the Transport committee taking an interest in what the hell senior management in Per Way Dept are doing it will be easy to distract them with a lowly employee acting Del Boy with sleepers or whatever.

As for the 28s - eh, yeah, good point there - no LJ service no 28s
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