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Is there any valid reason for this? Now that there are 4-car ICR sets, the old excuse of the 29k having greater capacity is a bit thin.
They have being doing lots of changing around over the past few weeks. Remember there is 10 less 4 peice sets than planned at the very start, so the excuse is still valid as they have greater capacity than a 3. It's proably a case of 4 peice sets in place for Monday mornings.

Pure conjecture this but the reason would probably be something like that they finish up maintenance on a set in Drogheda on Friday evening and they have an extra set up there over the weekend so as to be able to get cracking on another first thing Monday morning. Also, given that reduction in use in Mk4s, there are might be extra 22Ks assigned to Cork runs on weekends when real first class isn't such a big deal.
Mark4's are at there bussiest during the weekends so the level of 22's required isn't like mid week so not sure thats the issue.
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