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Originally Posted by EMD View Post
Apples and oranges. How much has been spent on the Dublin-Cork corridor for decades?
Limerick Junction alone would demonstrate how IE have not spent enough on its premier corridor.
  • No east side platform to allow simultaneous NB and SB service stops
  • 25mph speed limit due to the state of the trackage
  • Derailment caused by retention of a life expired switch
  • No platform on the Waterford line thus requiring trains to Waterford to block the mainline even if proceeding back towards Waterford after stopping.
Add to that Portarlington's only recently completed work, the continuing restrictions elsewhere which caused the court case in respect of the engineer involved, the laying of rail too light for a 3000hp loco at 100mph...

In spite of the limitations, I still see promising useage of this line, even when one cuts through the (unspecified) "hype". The only buses that could beat it are express buses
If you arrive at Limerick station at 2.30pm you will have to wait 55mins for your next bus which will arrive in Galway approx 2h20m later. Your 1h55 train won't depart for another 3h35m. Even outside of that, the train's headway is of the order of 2h20m, the bus 1hr.

By the way - using terms like superelevation will get this thread disappeared to the members section.
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