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As everyone on here will agree this line has much more potential than the Nenagh line and even the WRC. Should be at least 5 Waterford-Limerick Junction services per day it would be viable, makes sense and would cost very little to do they have the trains (2800's unfortunately but they are more comfortable than the 2700 at least). Just CIE mentality to protect bus user numbers. I think it is just a waste of time to give out about the toilets and waiting rooms been locked when they could be fighting for better services on this line. I don't blame them padlocking the doors one time I was getting the bus outside this station there was a load of teenagers sitting behind the bridge up the line drinking bottles of cider.

Example of how bad this service is.

I bought a ticket on Thurles-Waterford few weeks ago. Went the normal Limerick Junction 08:50 way down to Waterford in a very dirty 2800 but compared to driving or getting the buses it was much more comfortable and faster on the way down at least. Getting the latest service I could back home to Thurles I had to book the long way home. (yes they actually sell you this ticket) I had to get the 16:50 Waterford-Kildare and wait about 35 minutes in Kildare then get a train to Portlaoise wait about 15 minutes in Portlaoise for the train to Thurles. 4 hours to get home. Of course it was a nice journey that day can't complain about it but in terms of how many stops and changes it was too much. Only cost 30 though with my student travel card. First time in my life it felt like I ripped them off taking that journey. Would be nice to have an late evening service at least to the Junction.
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