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i was getting the train from waterford to limerick friday last (8th feb)

i got the 0720 train from plunkett station

at 0900 our train upon approach to limerick junction came to a halt. i wondered why. i looked out the window only to see in the distance a train departing the station for limerick. now while i found onlime that the times from junc. to limerick are at 0838 and 0940 there was on front of me as plan as day a train (even if it was empty) on its way to limerick

i was at the junction until 0950 before we eventually left from limerick

it is this incompetence that i am referring to. how can you wonder why the service is a failed one when it is run by the lazy dublin appeasing few.

the train journeys from limerick to waterford on the train can differ from 2 hours 15 up to 2 hours 55



not caring of anyone who isnt travelling to/from dublin
these are the labels that clearly describe irish rail
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