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Originally Posted by lostcarpark View Post
I've done Cardiff-Dublin via Roslare, and it definitely makes more sense than Holyhead on a map. I would check journey planners ( are pretty good) to see which makes better time - it's often the waits for connections that are the killer rather than the time in transit. I'm not sure if the same ticket covers both, so check when booking.

I seem to recall years ago CIE had a dispute with whoever was running the boat, so they timed the trains so that you'd see the train waiting as the boat was coming in to port, and think, "that's great, I'll be home in time for tea." Then the train would pull off about five minutes before you'd actually dock and you'd have to wait four hours for the next one.
still the same i think re boat/train times... but does your sailrail ticket include dublin-rosslare leg?
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