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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
The long standing service arrangement is 2 sets from NIR and 1 from IE. IE have no back up plan bar a replacement locomotive
This may not be accurate but i was told that the new ie intercity trains and the nir c3ks had signalling fitted to some of them (dont know how many) and that as contingency to an enterprise fail, to maintane service they would use either a c3k or the ie intercity train.... obviously all the new intercity trains are south of the viaduct which would only leave nir's c3ks..... if they do not have availabilty to service the route with a c3k, then it should never have been contingency.

as for the two orange things in dundalk, or even those ancient "hand out the window to open the door" trains nir had would do the trick for now
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