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Originally Posted by karlr42 View Post
I'm fairly sure the priority is coded into the signalling system and unless the signalman intervenes DARTs will automatically go first(or stick to the order in the timetable regardless of delays) everywhere. For example, a common occurrence at Pearse is for a Maynooth train to be sitting in the siding, ready to depart northbound, but a 5-10 delayed northbound DART is allowed to go ahead of it, delaying the Maynooth train for its entire journey. In the time taken to wait for that delayed DART to arrive and sit at the platform for way too long, the Maynooth train would have made it all the way up through Connolly and off shared track.

There's just a lack of interest on IE's part on trying anything clever or overrriding defaults.
The problem is there could be people connecting to that maynooth line train. Connections are going to be more crucial now there are cutbacks planned for the coming timetable.
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