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Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
I think any manned station in the UK would be able to sell you a Sail Rail Ticket (as well as a ticket to any other station in the UK).
What's stopping for example Dun Laoghaire, Bray etc from issuing Sail Rail tickets or tickets to any other station in Ireland? Technology?
That’s right Eddie regarding SailRail availability in the UK.

Years ago in the card ticket era one could buy a ticket from any station to any station including the UK yet despite all the investment in machines today
we have a situation where ticket vending machines are restricted to selling to stations on that line only…

Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
There is a list of stations which can issue Sail Rails
Can be purchased online with Irish Ferries or by phone with Irish Rail or Stena line
Thanks Mark however that list has remained unchanged for donkey’s years with not a single station retailing SailRail in either County Wicklow or Wexford... Actually O’Hanrahan station did sell them some years ago.
Stena Line only issue from Rosslare/Dublin Port onwards to the UK.

With all due respect Irish Ferries are irrelevant in this context as they don't offer SailRail via Rosslare-Pembroke (that route best caters for those using the Eurolines or Megabus coaches as the rail station is a mile distant from Pembroke Dock ferry terminal).

Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
The issue is that using the Rosslare-Fishguard route it is impossible to buy a sail/rail ticket using any Irish station other than Rosslare Europort as the origin/destination, despite the connections being restored.
That is the problem - not which stations you can walk in and buy a ticket.
May I ask the source of your information please?

I have personally purchased tickets (at Connolly) for travel from a station on the Dublin-Connolly line to a UK station via Rosslare-Fishguard without any issue.
Indeed the Irish Rail website currently mentions a Wexford – Cardiff ticket…

Dublin to London €47 each way
Cork to Manchester €61 each way
Galway to Liverpool €61 each way
Limerick to Birmingham €62 each way
Wexford to Cardiff €51 each way
(link above to Irish Rail SailRail page)
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