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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
I wouldn't be giving out much praise, enterprise performance is woeful most of the time

Last Wednesday the 16:50 Dublin Belfast was a 3 coach 3CK, given the queue stretched the whole way from platform 2 across the concourse and out the front door into the rain, I somewhat doubt anyone in the queue will be quick to celebrate the enterprise service

This mornings 8:00 Belfast Dublin is currently 20 minutes late
Being a well seasoned Belfast - Dublin commuter, I agree with Mark here in general. Amazing thing is their published results (think the call it on time performance or something like that) is supposedly independently monitored. Anything that falls outside of either the punctuallity or reliability targets should entitle us to 10% of our next monthly season ticket. However, I have seen recently a 100% reliability service for a period (its something like the 15th -15th of a next month) and I specifically remember being stuck on a 3 carriage CAF train from belfast to dublin. On top of this, there was a trolly at the front of the train where we could get tea/coffee - which they had no problem serving if you went up to them (funny how on the enterprise for "Health and Safety" reasons they cant serve you unless your seated)!!
Anyway, Ken McKnight is the issue to such a poor service, he doesnt give a s**t about complaints. Not once has he ever responded to a complaint of mine or anyone I know who has complained with a solution, appology or even aknowledgement of poor service. Instead he replies on the offensive, attacking your comlpaint by trying to prove Translink were not at fault. What ever happened to Customer Service?

On the plus Side of things, Attn: anyone from Newry / Portadown / Belfast:

I discovered recently that the enterprise Conductors ticket machines issue tickets at a different (market) exchange rate to the ticket offices. So, it is actually cheaper to buy a weekly / Monthly ticket from the conductors on the train, paying in euro than it is to get a tax saver commuter ticket from Irish Rail!! Just a little tip if this credit crunch is hurting. (applies to NI - ROI routes only as far as I am aware they wont issue monthly tickets on the train from an ROI to ROI station)
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