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Originally Posted by markpb View Post
How do other countries get around this? Lots of cities allow unsecured bikes on trains outside of rush hour. Los Angeles, London, Parisand New York. Isn't it shocking how other countries allow some common sense to prevail.
To add to that list:

Arriva Wales:
VVS (Stuttgart):

Why does everything need capital investment in the country before anything is done?

The 06:45 last Wednesday had 40 ppl on the train. There was plenty of room* for bikes. *No dedicated bike space, but there was room.

In Stuttgart on all trams, outside of peak-time, bikes can be conveyed on them. Regional and InterCity trains have dedicated space (in some cases dedicated carriages) for bikes.

Here it should be possible to be able to cycle to work (via using the train where possible).

Last Tuesday I cycled Model Farm Road (work) to Midleton. Wednesday morning, I cycled from home to Midleton station (about 2km), bought my ticket, put bike on the train (which did not interfere with anyone boarding or disembarking from the train), arrived in Cork with ticket out, no one wanted to look at the ticket, cycled off to work.

Along with the lack of information in Midleton station, or any other East Cork station, there is nothing about taking bikes on trains.
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