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Originally Posted by finnyus View Post
Maybe the toilets could be removed? No need for a toilet on a commuter train where the route is less than 15miles in length. Though, from time-to-time the 2600's are used on the Mallow - Tralee runs.

You must have been very lucky to have had no problem with staff challenging you bringing a bike on board Midleton-Cork services. Since I have started using them, I always dismantle and pack my bike in bags and put it in the space near the toilet which is supposed to be for wheelchairs, and the ticket checker/controller seems to always be happy that it is not a problem, although I dont know what he would say if I took it on board without dismantling it. It would be good if IE could clarify the issue over this line, because Cork-Midleton is NOT exclusively a commuter route, it is also a 'Cross-Country'/'Inter-Regio' route, albeit a short one, especially as trains often go between Midleton and Mallow rather than terminating at Cork.

Even in the case of the DART being off limits to bikes at all times, the excuses about 'safety' or 'no space to put bikes' are plainly NONSENSE, as the DART trains have large amounts of space with no seats for standing passengers which are ONLY used in rush hours and are similar to the seatless standing spaces in trains in cities such as New York, Amsterdam, London, etc. which cyclists can quite happily use for their bikes at any time outside evenings and mornings on Monday-Friday. Just last weekend in London, I took my bike on one of the new OVERGROUND trains on the East London Line Route, from Forest Hill to Shoreditch and there was no problem for me and two other cyclists to take our bikes with us, even when getting off at a station with steps to street level and automatic barriers. A very helpful member of staff even helped me with my bike through the wide 'wheelchair' gate in the barriers onto Mile End Road.

BTW, about removal of toilets from 2600 trains to provide more cycle spaces on the Midleton Route, my opinion on the long term future of the route is that it will be electrified within the next 10 years, and Tram-Type LRV vehicles will be used instead so as to enable a Light Rail link through the centre of Cork put to places like Bishopstown, Wilton, Mahon, etc. In many Dutch and German cities, bicycles can easily be taken on trams on the off-peak, as tram vehicles also have large amounts of standing room. the heavy diesel railcars such as the 2600 class are unsuited in the long term to a route like Cork-Midleton and Cork-Cobh as they are too heavy and over-engineered for light branchline/regional/commuter use. Even if Cork-Midleton and a future extension to youghal are not electrified, there are far superior more lightweight diesel units available from manufacturers such as Siemens in Germany, and Bombardier, (e. g. the 'Regio Sprinter' and 'Regio Shuttle') with more room for standing passengers, bicycles, etc.
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