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Originally Posted by doherty jack View Post
5:05am numbers are up to 10-15 every morning , its working well still has a good bit to go , but its a start , online booking is proving very popular
ah now jack, do you really want me to be coming back on here with the headcount every week again.

you do the good work of the NRP a disservice saying stuff like that, not that they are helping themselves much with that presser. The headline is about numbers being doubled. The article doesnt actually cite any numbers, and i know for a fact that they counted every single person on the train in a week period at the end of july. Also, if the numbers ahve doubled, and the services have doubled, but everyone is using a discount, then the losses are the same if not greater???

anyway, i hope, as i have always hoped that this service survives and is a success. that is not helped by being unrealistic in connection with potential numbers. the demographic who will use it outside of local useage is not massive, but it must be maximised.
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