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Default O'Shea "Takes Exception" To Kelly Train Remarks

From the Tipperary Star

Published on Sunday 10 February 2013 14:44

TEMPLEMORE town councillor Jim O’Shea told the council’s January meeting that he “took exception” to comments by Junior Minister for Public Transport Alan Kelly in relation to the reduction of train services through the town in the latest Irish Rail timetable.

Last December, Cllr O’Shea raised concerns about the threat to rail services, telling councillors Irish Rail proposed to cut five services from the town.

“I am secretary of the Train Users Group. He didn’t consult with the train group. Who did he talk to? I take execption to what he said in the paper. I take issue with what he said,” Cllr O’Shea told the meeting. The Fianna Fail councillor also took issue with a comment from Irish Rail that his comments on train services being reduced from 17 to 12 was “speculation”.

“I want to know who spoke on behalf of Irish Rail. Irish Rail said my remarks were speculation. I took my information from their draft timetable. Was that timetable just speculation?” he asked.

Cllr O’Shea believed were it not his and the council’s early intervention, Irish Rail would have cut five services from the town.

Mayor Michael C Ryan said he was inviting Deputy Kelly to come to a council meeting to update them on train services from Templemore.

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