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true, but ever since that time back in the day we really have been sold many things which aren't a metro, as a metro. plop a DART car, a tube car, NY subway car and Paris Metro car in a carpark beside what was being proposed before for Metro North/south/west and you'll spot the tram fairly quickly.

So, unless what's being put down on the track is a DART-a-like its a tram, not a Metro.

It reminds me of what happened to the city swift bus service. On introduction it was dedicated fleet of buses, with signal priority, special bus stops, improved routes. Within 5 years it was old buses with a repaint.

There is also within the plans not only an idea for Metro South, but an extension of the Luas to Bray.... How would that work, since they are on the same line? Who needs a Luas to Bray anyway? (developers)

Meanwhile all this Paul McKenna nonsense is being used to distract everyone from DART Underground.

Hows the BRT going these days?
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