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Default Ticket machines closed before last train departs

From journeys I've made on the line in recent months I've noticed something which is concerning in that I've come across instances of ticket vending machines (TVMs) being closed prior to the departure of the last train.

A few months ago I stopped off in Rathdrum on a Sunday afternoon and continued to Dublin on the last train (19.17). I was already in possession of a ticket but a lady dropping her daughter off was concerned at not being able to purchase a ticket for her as the shutters were down on the TVM (I advised her to photograph this in case of any RPU difficulties along the line for her daughter).

In Mid-May I travelled from Bray to Rosslare Harbour on the 17.17 for the Fishguard ferry and noticed the TVM at Rosslare Strand had its shutters down.

(Rosslare Strand's ticket office shut in 2014 and Rathdrum's is closed a number of years)

I cannot recall in both instances if there was a ticket checker onboard but on several journeys on the line in recent months I've not encountered any checkers.

Also does the 05.35 ex Rosslare now have a catering trolley as on last Tuesday's service (27th June) there was one?!
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