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Originally Posted by Mark Hennessy View Post
Thanks for the update Derek, it doesn't shock me one bit now especially given the 5 year dithering over Midleton.

I'm firmly in the Interconnector not being built camp (well maybe by 2025) also
When this period in time is a period in history, it will be look back on as one of the greatest catastrophes in Irish Transport history. IE have embarassed the Government today because the Government did as the usually do...they acted like transport experts, when they are not. (remember metro, luas etc etc.) Navan has a rail line and with considerably less money and a bit of vision and creativity, it can have rail services. We were not mad when we proposed the Drogheda route. We were not mad when we said the sewer main displayed a lack of commitment to the original alignment. Navan has been treated like muck for years in terms of a rail connection. Blame your Government and never believe IE spin when they are drugged up on Government promises. The reality hit hard today and Im glad of that, but disappointed for Navan commuters. They have been sold a pup. Standby for more bull**** from your Government when this news hits the media. It will all be lies and more lies. T21 is a joke at the expense of citizens literally dieing from horrendous commutes.

As for the interconnector. Brilliant idea. IE are up for it. It needs to happen. Don't rule out IE scheming against Navan to protect it. But isn't it sad that we have to think like this.
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