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We predicted this more or less, Navan would be the first casualty.

The first person to let it slip was Dick Fearn CEO of IE who in a published interview clearly stated it wasn't a certainty that was back in spring 2006

In terms of the route, we where proven 100% on every single aspect. We didn't say East or West of Killmessan (west was the obvious choice) but everything else we got spot on. We did make a submission (so its on record for all to see) and we did speak at considerable length with the IE people working on the route choice right down to the manholes (proven right there as well)

On cost yet again we hit very close

We are not really in the infrastructure business for this very reason we know what should be done but there is very little support to achieve this

However it must be emphasised that the Navan line will cover its operational costs the WRC will not and the costs at todays prices are not much different

No annual passenger number quoted in the reports but we think its in the 2-2.5 million bracket

Its all speculation really until we see a copy of this report, it would be most inappropriate to issue a formal statement until that time
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