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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
So, as I understand it:
- Pace to Navan will never happen
- Drogheda to Navan could be a runner
- Financing a rail project to Navan could jeopardise finance for the Interconnector.

Those who always predicted this situation are justified in making it known that they were right all along. P11/RUI members do need to give themselves a pat on the back every now and then, and we need this for "attacking" IE and the government. However, I suppose RUI needs to quickly move on and deal with the scenario. I'm just a fly-on-the-wall member so I was wondering how the really active members think RUI policy will evolve on this issue?
I am the blasphemor who poured scorn on the Navan project. I will rot in hell for my actions.

While no longer a committee member, I'd suggest that the Drogheda angle be taken off the shelf and put into the media again. IE themselves have now removed one of the reasons they used against this proposal. If the interconnector was built, then loads of trains could run from Navan on the northern line.

Drogheda would be the logical reaction from this organisation.
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