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I wasn't for a minute implying that this isn't a big deal or that it fine, was just talking about the contrast in such a short period of time.

Could you at least say what line the train was on if you'd rather not say which station. I find it hard to believe that they scheduled a train that wouldn't fit a platform and it would be much more likely that it was driver oversight and stopping a bit too early. I've seen a 22K stop with the last door on the ramp part of the platform at Edgeworthstown once or twice and there isn't a hell of a lot of leeway on some of the Sligo line platforms so I would think it can be a bit tricky to judge.

Why can't they paint stop-lines for various lengths of 22K on fences or walls? It wouldn't cost anything much to speak of and in addition to improving safety it would result in an improved passenger experience by helping drivers judge where to stop shorter trains to avoid long walks which can be very difficult for elderly or disabled passengers.
It shouldn't be tricky to judge for the driver, the 22's have lots of cameras and checking the back facing one to see if the train reached the platform should be priority if un sure provided its possible to do so?

All stations can manage a 7 coach on at least one platform except the branch lines and Waterford line (Kilkenny).

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