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Originally Posted by ACustomer View Post
I don't have the details, but the number of Mk4 services has increased recently and at least one extra set has been brought back into service.

Also when 4-car ICR sets are rostered they are frequently supplemented by a 3-car or a second 4-car. So while there may be overcrowding at times (when wasn't there?), they seem to have adjusted things to meet increasing demand over the past year.

BTW capacity is as follows: M4 8 car 373 standard plus 44 first class.
5-car ICR 304, of which 32 are first class
4-car ICR 262
3-car ICR 190

So a 4+3 car ICR holds more than a Mk4. Remember the Mk4 has relatively little seating in the first 3 coaches (including none in the DVT).
A fourth set is back however it's not exactly required outside of Friday/Saturday/Sunday. It is only operating the the other days most likely to cut double maintenance costs.

Given there is 4 free sets IE should be in a position to cut CityGold and 1 Standard class off a set and reduce it to 6, same capacity as a ICR (5 coach). First class is non existent when 22's are restored anyway and most are used to reduce overcrowding. Might even go as far as cutting the Dinning cart to.

As for the general overcrowding question it has always existed and always will however its not being managed effectively. Now they are improving but people who still have to stand for 1h15m-30m on service is perfectly normal today.

The 18.10 to Portlaoise has being reduced recently (probably one of the busiest evening commuter service) so we are back to the question of how come IE can't provide full capacity for this service but yet they are able to provide 3 22 units on Dublin-Cork at the same time.

Now they say the 18.10 is reduction is "temporary" however what they are mean is we have decided to cut this service and it will continue to be reduced until we believe it needs to be restored.
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