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If it's anything like the 1805 to Longford, Irish Rail are probably hoping that the demand will evaporate from the 1810 to Portlaoise and then they won't have to restore it. The Longford train used to have 200 people going at Mullingar on it a few years back - I got it one day last week for the first time in months and there were about 10 people in my carriage leaving Enfield.

Meanwhile, a work colleague was complaining about 22Ks running to Docklands this week because he couldn't get on at Ashtown as standees wouldn't move past the vestibule. The use of 22Ks on short-distance commuter services is just nuts but this is a recurrent issue with Irish Rail - they seem to think that a Longford or Portlaoise commute requires the same equipment and stopping pattern as a Maynooth or Kildare commute.
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