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I find it surprising that in this day and age of licenced security staff and full-time revenue collectors for Irish rail that this sort of case can still happen. the law on what constitutes illegal detention is not new and you would assume that its lesson one for these guys.

this person was illegally detained. then in its defence, the company tired to blacken her name instead of admitting liability, which the judge dismissed. what the other people were up to is not relevant to this case.

we are in constant e-mail correspondence with passengers who have suffered very heavy-handed actions from IE staff and we are in correspondence with IE itself on this issue. There appears to be a presumed guilty approach and when mixed with an odd sense from revenue protection staff that its literally their money things can get very emotional and be upsetting very quickly.

In almost every complaint we have seen there is simply a mix-up at work and honest mistakes by people who are long-standing users of the service and who pay their fares day in day out but who are treated like hardened criminals by staff. There is also a marked similarity in the nature of complainants, mostly women and female students (in fact I am trying hard to remember the last adult male one we had, perhaps Mark can jog my memory).

we are aware of several other court actions.
We are the passengers
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