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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
BUT here is the stinker you cannot charge while stationary as the overhead wire would melt if you pulled more than about 150amps while stationary. Under full power each 2 coach pulls 500amps so to charge you would need to be able to support much higher currents
The ideal would be to draw enough power to charge the batteries while in motion. If you need 500amps to drive the train, what's required to draw another 200amps for charging? I'm sure trains in other countries draw much more power than the DART. Are we at the limit of what can be done at 1500V?

The ideal situation would be have a train run Connolly to Bray on overhead power, and arrive back in Connolly (or wherever the overhead lines have got to) with fully charged batteries, ready to head out into the unpowered section.

Also, would it make sense to start electrification from the Maynooth and Hazlehatch ends, so the gap is in the middle rather than at the ends?
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