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With the new platform at the Junction, and using the 1700 express timings, an 0600 departure could serve the Junction at 0726, arrive Mallow at 0758 and assume the current Mallow commuter departure at 0800. This would put the first Dublin train in Cork at 0823 (although the timetablers would likely fudge it to 0825 at the earliest, especially if using Mark 4s).

I do think there is a case for Charleville as well given development pressure in the city, but would like to see the local authorities step up with more of a development notion near the (unfortunately remote from the current town centre) station than a swathe of tarmac, a better access road, wait for the planning apps to roll in, and ideally would be in conjunction with another minute or two shaved off permanent speed restrictions rather than make the 0800 Mallow departure unreliable.
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