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Big changes in the housing market since the prior Charleville trial (and that trial was only commuter not intercity from Dublin) but it’s hard to shake the “nope we tried it once and it failed end of” in some quarters.

A working couple who are first-time buyers would need to earn between €100,000 and €125,000 to afford a new two-bed apartment in an Irish city, with the affordability gap, and housing shortage, threatening economic and employment growth.

That’s according to a report released today by economic consultants EY-DKM, which found the current cost to build a two-bed apartment in locations like Cork City, docklands, or suburbs is between €389,000 and €486,000.

To purchase, a couple would also need to have saved a cash deposit of between €39,000 and €49,000.

The current high apartment build costs mean that build-to-rent apartments would need to be rented at €2,500 a month for a two-bed, or €3,000 a month for a three-bed, to make their construction financially viable.
Even as a Monday only service an 0600 ex Dublin would allow people to defer travelling on Sunday evening services to stretch their weekend an extra evening rather than head back to Cork on the 2100 and be home at midnight.
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