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Not wishing to be negative but just realistic...assuming these extra services get the go ahead then patronage of them will have to be strong to very strong to sustain them and bring about an even half acceptable financial situation.

Lots of regular users. Also rail-based tour companies making use of at least two of the trains along the line on the regular basis. Sell SailRail tickets at both Nenagh and Roscrea. Look at all Bus Éireann and rural community buses that serve the towns that the train serves. Can any of them additionally act as feeders by serving a station? This kind of stuff and much more. (no one thing on its own might make a giant difference but the cumulative effect of numerous lower order things do add up but disappointingly attention to detail never seems to have been a strength of CIÉ).

If decent patronage across the board doesn't materialise within a reasonable timeframe (i.e. by the end of say a generous six to nine months) it is a reasonable conclusion that the whole line would close at that stage (wish to stress I'm not wishing that to be the case but just looking at things from a realistic perspective).

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