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Originally Posted by James Howard View Post
People depend on the continued existence of commuter services for their livelihoods and it is a bit worrying when Irish Rail can just pull a service on a couple of months' notice.
Precisely, it changes everything for some. It was great for me as I could bring my bike and cycle to work. A bike which I had just invested 4 figures in as part of the cycle to work scheme. In addition to shredding my ticket my shiny new bike will now gather dust. Others, have had to change childcare arrangements etc. Make no bones about it. These timetable alterations are more than just a tinkering about, they are a de facto cancellation of the commuter services that the NRP harped on about supporting and a provision of 2 novel services that are practically useless to the Limerick <-> Nenagh commuter market. It's obvious from the 2030 vision document that Irish Rail are only interested in pandering to Dublin oriented traffic ex Nenagh. Nenagh <-> Limerick will now completely die. And they've just done such a nice job of line painting the road entrance to Birdhill station; it's comical.
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