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From a laymanís perspective and user of the line now and again (not in my home area) I would say a definite yes but what level of an increase Iím not sure. There are certainly issues such as accommodation/ farmersí crossings and sighting distances but if Iím not mistaken some of these are unused/closed and given the upgrading of the permanent way in very recent years at least 60mph should be attainable on sections.

I recall sections of Rosslare-Wellingtonbridge-Waterford had a 70mph line speed some years ago but a trawl through some old timetables doesnít reveal faster than 1 hour 32 minutes for Waterford - Limerick Junction albeit with loco hauled stock (serving the remaining four intermediate stations as per today). Therefore given the superior characteristics of the ICRs the journey nowadays is at least 10-15 minutes slower relatively speaking.

Of course this line has potential but it requires a suite of measures such as:

* Through running to Limerick (Or beyond i.e. Ennis/Galway) to give a true regional Intercity service. Linkage with Rosslare bus at Waterford.

* Sunday evening service each way for returning student/weekender/tourism traffic. Enhanced Summer service.

* Targeted commuter service Clonmel Ė Waterford with complementing measures e.g. connecting town/city buses at Clonmel/Waterford, more car parking at Clonmel, Taxsaver promotion.

* Promotion & a community rail partnership Ė possibly an opportunity for the NTA to showcase best practice and co-ordinate stakeholders.

* Regular freight flow.

* It also doesnít help to have some subsidised bus services operating at very similar times to trains such as on route 355 (Cahir-Waterford) and 387 (Wexford-Rosslare Harbour).

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