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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
Simple solution, ban alcohol being brought aboard. No one has a problem with someones shopping but a slab of cans is clearly a problem. Sell alcohol only through the bar where it can be controlled. Translink already have a very strict set of rules for alcohol onboard.
These chaps had their own alcohol in a plastic bag and IR staff let them through, the enterance to the platform was manned as almost always with manual ticket checking.

I've seen STT confront people consuming Alcohol on the DART.

Particularily GAA but also Rugby usually packs out this service, along with Xmas time and Paddys day etc - STT/similar should be on board during these dates / events just like when RPU decide to do a random check and get a STT escort. On the 17th there was a fight in Coach D, the chap who started it was heavily intoxicated but was not drinking on the Train.
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