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Default Irish Ferries SailRail booking facility now online (including provincial stations):

Gentlemen (and ladies), the online booking facility is now available on the Irish Ferries website. It must have been uploaded yesterday or today as have been keeping a regular watch for it and it wasn't there last time.

Two very pleasing points are that (1). WRC stations and Midleton are included and (2). it allows you to book extras viz. Club Class and or a bicycle.

All Éire stations appear to be in the list though not Dublin Suburban ones which traditionally have not been available for SailRail bookings (so the likes of Dunboyne would require one to purchase a separate ticket to town/ Dún Laoghaire).*

With doom and gloom all around it's good to see this "can do" approach. Compliments due in my view to Irish Ferries for bringing this to fruition.

(* Footnote - am talking in general in paragraph 3. If booking online with Irish Ferries one would have to buy a ticket/use a pass/Smartcard from given suburban station to town. In the case of Dún Laoghaire the same but only Stena sail from there (HSS once daily at 1315 from 1st April) and no online booking.)

I thought the Stena Express would do the initial sailings but the website confirms it's the HSS (Stena Explorer).

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