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When the new online fares were interduced in June some routes gained and others lost. Eg Waterford-Dublin had 10 euro fares bookable 90 minutes before travel on some services. Now 21.99 is the 'cheepest. Can't say for all routes but this fare structure was the best thing to happen to Waterford line.

Kerry fares will always remain high as the train is the fastest mode of transport. I could be wrong but if GoBe and Aircoach take enough passengers from IE then you may see a more flexable fare structure on Cork route but I am not sure if there will be a major impact from the bus services.

There is no demand for the current level of services in some cases and most trains from 18.00 are ghost trains. IE are a loss making company and depend on state funding unlike most operators in Europe who are in profit. Motorways build over the last 6 years have had major impact on the company.

Bus Eireann have a much better of service during evenings and nights with most major towns having 24 hour service but the connection to the airport is keeping them viable and IE can't offer something like that.i
Another major problem for IE us the social welfare system which is in real need of reform and fraud stopped. Is there a system like this in Germany?

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