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Originally Posted by Thomas J Stamp View Post
we have long argued that what the branch needs is a regular little two carriage service running up and down all day
That what is needed on the Waterford-Limerick line. Not a hope of IÉ doing it on either line.

Very few if any visitors come to North Tipperary for tourism by rail even on the mainline. If tourism can magically save falling passenger numbers on the Nenagh line then why doesn't Iarnród Éireann open a train station in Holycross which gets over 250,000 visitors per year the most visited attraction in North Tipperary and reopen the Gooldscross-Cashel line.

I think the NRP should focus on Limerick. Forget about Dublin and tourism heritage railways and just ask for a better commuter service between Roscrea and Limerick. You can't compete with Bus Éireann/Kavanaghs and the motorway when it comes to Dublin. Mothball it north of Roscrea and that will save a couple of grand each year in maintenance costs to use on other parts south of Roscrea-Limerick to improve journey times then the service could compete with the motorway and bus services.
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