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Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
I presume IE are sensible enough to know that a proper timetable might save the line, whereas continuation of the current would most likely mean it would go the same way as Wexford to Waterford. How can the possibility of this alternative in any way suit management and unions?
The extraordinary thing about the Limerick/Ballybrophy line (and others) is the amount of public funds which have been expended with no particular service plan or obvious objective. Contrast this with the recent renewal of Coleraine to Derry which will be followed in 2015 by the introduction of an hourly service. In the interim, on Mondays to Saturdays, pending signalling changes, there is a two hourly service from Belfast to Derry and a separate two hourly service from Belfast to Portrush giving an hourly service in each direction between Coleraine and Belfast from approximately 0600 to 2200.(There are additional Monday to Friday services giving a half hourly service towards Belfast in the morning peak and a half hourly service from Belfast in the evening peak.)

Less than ten years ago the future of this line was in serious doubt, now it is booming. While Limerick/Ballybrophy doesn't have anything like the same population base the same principles apply - provide a decent relevant service and you do business. Not much point opening a supermarket with empty shelves, same applies to a railway offering little or nothing in terms of a relevant service.
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