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Originally Posted by comcor View Post
I'm not sure the Roscrea-Ballybrophy section even needs services, but it's a short enough distance that Ballybrophy may as well be the terminus.
if using Portlaoise Rail Depot, you have BB as the terminius, and there are some who even on the curent timetable hope from BB to Roscrea, and Roscrea to other places.

Originally Posted by Destructix View Post

Very few if any visitors come to North Tipperary for tourism by rail even on the mainline. If tourism can magically save falling passenger numbers on the Nenagh line then why doesn't Iarnród Éireann open a train station in Holycross which gets over 250,000 visitors per year the most visited attraction in North Tipperary and reopen the Gooldscross-Cashel line.
this is true, but nobody is saying tourism is a magic bullet, and anyway the coach market has tourism fairly well sown up. It is no harm in trying to poach some of that market though as cheaply as possible.

Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
I presume IE are sensible enough to know that a proper timetable might save the line, whereas continuation of the current would most likely mean it would go the same way as Wexford to Waterford. How can the possibility of this alternative in any way suit management and unions?
current situation is organised out of limerick, new situation would have to be operated out of portloaise.
We are the passengers
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