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Default Integrated Ticketing

The has been a lot of poor information on the integrated ticketing project, so RUI went and met with those in charge a while back

Will work on Dublin Bus, Irish Rail and Luas services initially. Bus Eireann and other operators to follow

Fare Structure (note still under discussion and may change)
  • It is understood that Dublin Bus services will charge a fixed flat fare regardless of journey (nightlink, airport etc special fares apply) Tag on only
  • Irish Rail/Luas tag on/off charge per zone/distance as per current policy
  • If you make several journeys within a defined time window the overal fare charged will be less than those journeys if made seperately

Capping of Fares
  • If in a 7 day period, (00:01 Sunday to 23:59 Saturday as per current rail ticket rules) your travel by any of the three modes exceeds the 7 day ticket for that mode a cap is applied and you pay the 7 day fare regardless of how much additional travel you make
  • If your travel across multiple modes exceeds the 7 day fare for the 7 day dual/triple mode ticket are capped at that fare regardless of how much additional travel you make
  • Single day capping should also exist

Annual Monthly
  • Monthly/Annual tickets for single/multiple modes will live on the smartcard
  • Possible to have monthly rail ticket and have epurse credit and to use that on bus and luas. If you have an expired Irish Rail annual smartcard you can actually load a monthly ticket on it today at a TVM

  • The Dublin Bus/Luas epruse ticket is under limited trial. Larger trials to start in coming months
  • As with the Irish Rail smartcard project Rail Users Ireland is likely to be involved in the first user testing of the new system. Details in the members area of the forum
  • Two RUI committee members have successfully tagged on using the Dublin Bus/Luas smartcard
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