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Just looking at the new Enterprise timetable, and I notice the 20:50 from Connolly is scheduled to arrive in Drogheda at 21:29. I've checked it against the last printed timetable I had (dated 2009, but not much had changed since), and it did previously arrive at 21:20.

If 10-minute DART frequency had started, we could blame that, but it hasn't. Is there any logical reason for adding almost 10 minutes to journey times at a time when there's not much on the line?

I recall when I first moved to Drogheda this service departed at 21:00 and would routinely arrive in Drogheda in 25 minutes. I've heard stories from people using the service much longer than I have of fabled trains that could make the journey in as little as 20 minutes.

The recent changes to the timetable seem utterly pointless, increasing journey times but adding no additional services.

What am I missing?
Assuming Real Time is correct then the extra 10 minutes is more incompetence from both companies.

Service is scheduled to arrive at 21.29.00 and depart at 21.30.30

14 April
<Departure>21:28:48</Departure> - Early Departure - 1.5 minutes

15 April

16 April
<Departure>21:27:24</Departure> - Early Departure - 3.5 minutes

18 April
<Departure>21:25:42</Departure> - Early Departure - 4.5 minutes

19 April

20 Apr
<Departure>21:29:30</Departure> - Early Departure - 1 minute

21 Apr

22 Apr
13 mins delayed ex Connolly - so likely missed slots

23 Apr
<Departure>21:24:54</Departure> - Early Departure - 5.5 minutes

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