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This service is a bit of a farce in that you have to dig deep into the Translink website to find it. It is not in either the Translink or Irish Rail journey planner and it appears it is only available for day-trips. Patronage so far has been light.

Ironically it fills a long standing gap in the timetable and has the potential, I would have thought, to run daily in each direction.

Irish Rail, as usual, have gone out of their way to facilitate the new service, insisting on the set running empty to and from Drogheda to stable. Is there really no storage for a 3-Car set in Dublin on a normal working day ?

The 12 minute journey time penalty on Thursdays and Fridays as compared to Saturdays is just another indication of how much time is wasted on the Belfast line in giving preference to existing (or non existing DART services).
They are making IE look very good in terms of adverting extra services

The 18.00 service ex Dublin has huge potential to be an excellent addition. Not clear what the end to end timing is as it's not listed.

I would say storage may be limited however surly Clontarf Road, Docklands, North Wall could take it especially North Wall. As they are going as far as Drogheda now they should just do another return to/from Belfast in between as they can clearly spare a unit on the bussiest travel days of the week.
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