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Originally Posted by Inniskeen View Post
My issue with DART is not frequency but reliability, the last 4 or 5 weeks have been particularly poor. I know Irish Rail think people are unreasonably critical but DART seems extraordinarily susceptiple to slipping (it rarely goes fast enough to slide) and I dread to think what the 2016 season will be like if this new timetable is implemented.
Originally Posted by shweeney View Post
the vast majority of Dart users are not ad-hoc passengers though, they're regular commuters and they'll notice the difference. I also suspect there's a disproportionate number of commuters from further out (e.g. DunL to Greystones on the southside) who will all have an extra 10 minutes added onto their days. For some commuters this may be cancelled out by being able to get a later service than before but I doubt anyone will be spending less time travelling overall.

Also - is this actually adding any capacity, I don't think there are any Darts sets lying around idle during the rush hour so it'll be the same number of carriages in service just split into more trains, yeah?
Originally Posted by shweeney View Post
this new timetable looks like they're implementing an autumn schedule all year round. Every train I've been on since October has been at least 5 minutes late so presumably they're getting crucified on the punctuality statistics (not that that has any real consequences for Irish Rail).

Solution? Extra timetable padding all year round. They're banking on people accepting this because the alternatives (driving or getting the bus) are even worse.
Let's be honest DART reliability could be better even outside of the Autumn leaf fall period.

I suspect that this change is a recognition that the current timetable is simply not achievable and that as a result more realistic running times are being developed.

Personally, I'd prefer that the timetable be robust, particularly given the increase in frequencies, even if that means slightly longer journey times.

There's no point in maintaining a timetable that isn't achievable.
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