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At a time when there is a serious threat to existing lines serving Nenagh, Roscrea, Clonmel and other towns, we should concentrate our efforts to ensure that IE don't take the lazy way out, which is more closures. This might mean opening up some threatned lines to new operators: the CIE unions won't like it, but that's no reason for running away from the problem.

I get a bit tired of people fantasising about re-opening lines which have long been obliterated. People should get real.

Should Glounthane-Midleton not have happened, for example? Certainly there were significant numbers of internet dwellers getting their pants twisted over Luas daring to reconstruct even part of the Harcourt Street line a few years ago.

It isn't a crime to say "what if" and it is not as if the purse strings get tightened or loosened on the whim of internet posters.
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