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I feel your pain. I honestly think that most Irish Rail staff see providing any kind of customer service as a kind of minimum obligation that must be met in order to stop their manager (or TD) complaining. The whole divisional complaints procedure is absolutely mind-boggling. I think it must be a hold-over from the old train companies.

I sent them a suggestion a while ago as a response to a tweet I got about a Mystery tour that sounded nice but was impossible to go on as the first train on the Sligo line on a Sunday doesn't get to Dublin until midday. Anyway, the twitter people answered (they at least seem responsive) with a note saying that my suggestion would be passed on but I never heard anything back on the web form.

I had a similar thing a few years back when they were looking for people to go on a Customer Forum thingy. I thought I might qualify given that I do about 40,000 miles a year on the train but I must have sounded too bolshie as I never heard back from either that or the three followup mails and phone messages I left.

I think that if the train doesn't work for you, your best bet is to find an alternative. Irish Rail don't seem interested in improving anything. In the 8 years I have been commuting my last available bus has gone from 18:30 to 23:00. Meanwhile, the last available train has gone from 18:15 to 19:05 despite ten of millions having been poured into renewing line, signals, rolling stock and level crossings. The last available train to Dublin is now 90 minutes earlier than it was last year.
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