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Originally Posted by grainne whale View Post
I've been commuting for a very long time, you get fed up with all crap passengers take from IR. (trains, more often than not, running late only to be held up again by the RPU checks, that is before you get to the validation machines at Heuston -delaying you further). This despite the fact that you have already had your ticket validated to get on the train at your local station. For God's sake all people want is to get to work on time. I have never supported fare evasion. Why don't you just run along now.
It's IE approach over the years which has given you this attitude when it comes to ticket checks. (not an attack on you but in general this is the attitude of many) Only people who get on in Dublin City Centre have to have tickets. You can walk on at any other station in the Dublin area without a ticket and a very high chance of getting away with it.
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