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Originally Posted by comcor View Post
The 17:55 ex Rosslare is still not coming up on the Arriva Trains Wales if booking a journey that continues through Rosslare.

I went to see what would happen if I tried to book a journey from Wexford to a destination in North Wales to see if the train was in the system at all and that produced an even more concerning error. It shows it as possible to travel from Wexford on a 19:00 train to Dublin. There is no such train; the last departure is at 18:20.

On another note, are there any plans for Irish Rail to start offering destinations in the UK on the website?
Sounds like they have the wrong timetable loaded onto their database. That was the old summer IE timetable which won't be needed this summer due to the earlier sailing times.

The adjusting of rail timetables by ATW at Fishguard in response to the revised shipping schedule has been very last minute and rather haphazard to say the least.

The sensible extension to Swansea from Carmarthen of the connecting train off the evening ferry from Rosslare has only been done after printed timetables have been published, and is currently in the booking system for the next fortnight only.

Extending it to Swansea was relatively easy, as they curtailed the train ahead of it (starting from Pembroke Dock) to Carmarthen. Extending it to Cardiff would be much more difficult given that sets and staff would be out of balance.

Hopefully it shall become a permanent timetable change.

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