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There is a trip to the Wexford Opera each year non stop to Wexford, Mk2 coaches have done it as well

Platforms are too short at many stations, the 22k fleet is supposed to have selective door opening which gets around that. Wexford is the longest platform in the country btw

Since the Rosslare line fleet is accessible to current standards, going back to Mk3 coaches would be a very significant step back.

The Mk3 is a great coach but unless some serious refurbishment is done you really want to avoid them. They are falling apart at the moment. Air conditioning is joke, the wheels are end of life, doors are giving trouble, push pull systems suspect. Irish Rail are dumping them, we have filed protests but no change. All well and good have a comfortable seat, but when the electrics die you will be pleading for the 28 and 29k fleet

201 class locomotives are banned south of Bray on passenger services. 071 class can't do push pull. At this stage there is no one in Rosslare trained to drive either, and you would need a guard.

In the time between now and December there is no feasible alternative, if there was we would be jumping up and down about it. The 2008/9 timetable depends on there been staff to run the extra trains which don't exist
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